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Enjoy the best fiber and wireless solutions

point to point and multipoint setups

We have connected hundreds of satisfied customers with either our fiber services or through Microwave or Multipoint setups.

We can assist you with wireless IP camera systems, wireless tactical mesh systems and private networks (LTE or wifi)

KLM Open 2011-2018

for the last 8 years we have worked very hard to provide the KLM Open Golf with the best IT service possible. From starting with a 10Mbits Microwave connection to digging our own fiber optics with speeds up to 1Gbits and more than 100 hotspots over the course the event has grown and we have grown with it.

Fiber and wifi connectivity for the 2015 worldchampionship beachvolleyball

All 4 cities up and running! World championship Beach Volleyball in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Apeldoorn.

Aerea providing fiber & wifi for the organization and web streams.

Red Bull king of the Air 

Getting ready for the Red Bull megaloop challenge.
Of course we will provide high speed internet again for press and livestream.

World Championships 2012

Aerea provided an impossible 300Mbits connection within 2 weeks after the main operator could not manage it. We built 2 massive towers and used redundant microwaves to connect TV village and press compound

ASP world surf tour in Santa Cruz USA 

For years in a row Santa Cruz could not get decent internet and live streaming to this event. We were flown in for 3 weeks to work with Red Bull Media House and O’Neill to get a excellent connection. We bounced a microwave off the hills in Santa Cruz to a datacenter downtown.
The event was amazing and so was the internet and live feed.

Fiber internet at it’s best

We have a triple redundant network with high quality carriers like Level3. Our datacenter is based in Rotterdam but our services are available all over the Netherlands and internationally if needed.

On average the pricing looks a lot like this. But please email for exact pricing

Locationinstallation costs100 mbit/s (1:5)100 mbit/s (1:1)
In the City1.500 euro650,- p/m1.000,- p/m
(FTTO)500 euro550,- p/m900,- p/m
Out of the City2.500 euro1.000,- p/m1.250,- p/m

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